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Home Page  U.S. Route 85 (US 85) is a north–south United States highway that runs for 1,479 miles (2,380 km) in the Mountain - Northern Plains states of the United States. The southern terminus of the route is at the United States-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, connecting with Mexican Federal Highway 45. The northern terminus is at the United States-Canada border in Fortuna, North Dakota, where the route continues north as Saskatchewan Highway 35. In both the United States and Saskatchewan, Canada the route is known as the CanAm Highway.
  Canada above …
North Dakota below …
  Junction: Canada Highway 35 at the Canada–US border north-northwest of Fortuna
  Junction: US Highway 2, west-southwest of Williston. The highways travel concurrently to north of Williston.
  Junction: I-94, in Belfield
  Junction: US Highway 12 in Bowman. The highways travel concurrently through Bowman.
  North Dakota above …
South Dakota below …
  US 212 in Belle Fourche
  I-90 / US 14 in Spearfish. The highways travel concurrently to North Spearfish.
  US 385 in Deadwood
  South Dakota / Wyoming
  Junction: US 16, in Newcastle
  Junction: US 18 / US 20 in Lusk. US 18/US 85 travels concurrently to the northeastern part of Niobrara County. US 20/US 85 travels concurrently through Lusk.
  Junction: US 26 in Torrington. The highways travel concurrently to Lingle.
  Junction: I-25 / US 87 in Cheyenne. The highways travel concurrently to Ranchettes.
  Junction: I-180 / US 30 in Cheyenne
  Junction: I-80 / I-180 on the Fox Farm-College–Cheyenne line. I-180/US 85 travels concurrently into Cheyenne proper.
  Wyoming above …
Colorado below …



Locations: Greeley.  



Other articles:
• 8th Street:   at US 85;  

Junction: 8th Street, west into downtown Greeley.

Other articles:
• US Highway 34:  18040;  

Junction: US Highway 34, east to Fort Morgan.

Other articles:
• US Highway 34:  18070;  

Junction: US Highway 34, west to Loveland.

Other articles:
• County Road 40:   at US 85;  

Junction: County Road 40, west to Ft. St. Vrain, or east to … wherever.

Other articles:
• CO Hwy 60:   at US 85;  

Junction: Colorado State Highway 60, north to Milliken.



Locations: Platteville.  



Other articles:
• Colorado State Highway 66:   at US 85;  

Junction: Colorado State Highway 66, west across the north side of Longmont to Lyons.
  Junction: I-270 / US 36 in Commerce City
  Junction: I-25 / I-70 / US 87, in Denver. I-70/US 85 travels concurrently through Denver.
  Junction: US 40 / US 287, in Denver
  Junction: US 6, in Denver. The highways travel concurrently to near Commerce City.

Other articles:
• US Interstate 25:   at US 85;  

Junction: US Interstate 25, US Highway 87

South of this junction, US Highway 85 is known as Santa Fe Drive in this area.

Other articles:
• US Highway 285:   at US 85;  

Junction: US Highway 285
  Junction: Colorado Highway 470



Other articles:
• CO Hwy 67:   at US 85;
• Colorado State Highway 105:   in Sedalia;  


  • Colorado Highway 67, west and south past Noddle Heads to Cripple Creek.
  • Colorado Highway 105, south to Palmer Lake and Monument.
  Junction: I-25 / US 24 / US 87 in Colorado Springs
  Junction: US 50, in Pueblo. The highways travel concurrently through Pueblo.
  Junction: US 160, in Trinidad. The highways travel concurrently to Walsenburg.
  Colorado above …
New Mexico below …
  Junction: US 64 / US 87, in Raton. US 85/US 87 travels concurrently to Fountain, Colorado.
  Junction: US 64, south of Raton. The highways travel concurrently to Raton.
  Junction: US 84 / US 285, south of Santa Fe. US 84/US 85 travels concurrently to Romeroville. US 85/US 285 travels concurrently to Eldorado at Santa Fe.
  Junction: US 550, in Bernalillo
  I-40 in Albuquerque
  Junction: US 60 in Socorro. The highways travel concurrently to south-southwest of Abeytas.
  Junction: US 380, west of San Antonio
  Junction: US 70 in Las Cruces
  Junction: I-10 / I-25 / US 180, on the Las Cruces–University Park line. I-25/US 85 shares a hidden concurrency to Fountain, Colorado.
  New Mexico above …
Texas below …
  Junction: I-10 / US 180 in El Paso. The highways travel concurrently to the Las Cruces–University Park, New Mexico line.
  Junction: Benito Juárez Street and US 62 at the Mexico–US border in El Paso. US 62/US 85 travels concurrently through the city.
  Texas above …
Mexico below …
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