Front Range, Eastern Slope, Rocky Mountains Checklist Flora of Native and Naturalized Vascular Plants of Golden and Vicinity, Jefferson County, Colorado (Continued)  

Tom Schweich  

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 Golden, Colorado sits in a valley formed by erosion along the Golden fault, the geotectonic boundary between the North American Cordillera and the Great Plains. Somewhat like Mono Lake, for which I have also prepared a checklist flora, it sits at a boundary, or perhaps ecotone. Things are always more interesting at the boundaries. I started this project when I realized no such list had been prepared for my newly adopted city. I hope you find this checklist flora helpful. Please write to me if you have questions or comments.








Collections Found


Full Size ImageLocations of georeferenced collections in Golden, before I started collecting.
Full Size ImageLocations of georeferenced collections in Golden, after 2016 collecting season
Full Size ImageLocations of georeferenced collections in Golden, after 2018 collecting season  

A map of known georeferenced plant collections made in or near Golden shown at left.

Full Size Image
Locations of georeferenced collections in Golden, after 2019 collecting season

Full Size ImageNumber of Collections per Year in Golden s.l.  

There are about 1,600 collections that have been made in Golden and vicinity. Collecting events have been sporadic at best. This oldest known collection is of Crataegus succulenta made by an unknown collector in 1822. Marcus E. Jones is credited with a number of collections in 1878. A little caution is required for Jones' collections, though, as his localities were often loosely interpreted. Mrs. Ella Bailar made a blip in 1905. Then the collections by Ernest H. Brunquist in support of the Magic Mountain archleogical dig standout. Loraine Yeatts entry into the world of botany is a standout in 1983. Finally, my own work had increased the number of collections by more than 50% at the end of 2018.


Major Collectors in Golden and Vicinity


Loraine Yeatts

  Collections found by collector, as of December 31, 2023:
CollectorNumber of Collections
Tom Schweich1062
Loraine Yeatts337
E. H. Brunquist125
Janet L. Wingate105
Anonymous or Unknown59
Hansford T. Schacklette53
J. H. Ehlers51
Stanley Smookler45
Mary E. Edwards40
Mrs. Ella Bailar33
Marcus E. Jones23
Ira W. Clokey20
Berta Anderson18
William Huestis17
Ellsworth Bethel17
Jim Ratzloff16
Nathaniel Lord Britton16
Peter G. Root16
Will C. Ferril13
R. J. Rondeau11
Earl L. Johnston10
H. D. Harrington10

Janet L. Wingate


E. H. Brunquist

Ernest Herman Brunquist (1888 - 1978)
m. Esther Mercer, March 22, 1923
1972, botanist for Denver Museum of Natural History.

Literature Cited:
- University of Colorado, College of Liberal Arts, Junior Class, 1909.

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Full Size ImageWilliam S. Huestis in 1910.  

William S. Huestis

Sometimes spelled “Heustis,” William S. Huestis collected primarily in 1904-1906, and then again in 1916. There are a total of 766 collections attributed to Huestis. All of his collections are from Colorado and are deposited at University of Colorado, Boulder (herbarium code COLO). He collected mostly around Denver at such places described as “Cherry Creek near Alameda Street” or Berkeley. He must have ridden the street car like Alice Eastwood because there are a number of collections in Jefferson County along Clear Creek, including Wheat Ridge. There are only five collections that specifically say “Golden” and a few more from Lookout Mountain, mountains around Golden. William S. Huestis graduated from the University of Colorado, College of Liberal Arts, in 1910 (The Coloradoan, 1910).

Literature Cited:
- Jones, Marcus E., n.d..  

Marcus E. Jones only visits to the Golden area were in 1878. He writes in his notes
On the 17th. Got 255 and others in the foothills near Golden and at Golden. On the 20th, got 268, 273 and others at Golden, and 226-238, 246, 256-267, 270-272, 274-275 in Clear Creek Canyon going toward Idaho Springs. August 1st. Got 528-532 at Idaho Springs, 522-523 at Golden. On the 2nd. 524-527 on the road to Denver.



Collections Made

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