Eastern Mojave Vegetation GIS Data Sets to Accompany the Checklist Flora of the Mono Basin.  

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 This page provides a place to list the GIS data sets available for the Mono Basin Flora, and instruction for how to obtain them.

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April 6, 2014

  This ArcGIS 10.2.1 personal geodatabse contains five feature classes.
  • Approximately 6301 points representing vouchers prepared from plant collections, or plant observations, made in or somehow relevant to the Mono Lake basin.
    • Nomenclature has been revised to match that in the forthcoming Jepson Manual, 2nd edition; although, I wish I could say I have found all the changes.
  • Three polygons showing my definition of the Mono Lake basin.
  • A georeferenced sketch map showing the locations of Mono Basin Research Group sites.
  • Eighteen points showing locations at this plants or insects were collected by the Mono Basin Research Group.
  • Twelve lines representing the approximate location of plant location sites.





  Metadata is available from the ArcGIS Feature Class in ISO 19139 format.




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