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 Biographical data about William M. Maule and his known plant collections.
  Born William Maris Maule, on 24 Jun 1876, in Collins, Pa. His parents were John Comly Maule (29 Jul 1831 - 28 May 1901) and Susan Emma Clark (18 Sep 1835 - 1 Aug 1923). He was the youngest of 8 children.

William was a birthright member of the Religious Society of Friends. William received his education at West Chester State Normal School, Swarthmore College, the University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell University.

  Following graduation from Cornell's Forestry School in 1902, William joined the United States Forest Service. His first assignment was in the Philippine Islands where he spent several years. Upon his return to the United States he was assigned to the Sequoia National Forest in California.
  In August 1909, William was appointed Supervisor of the Mono National Forest, a position he held until his retirement in 1939.
  On 30 November 1910, he married Rose S. Todd (21 Apr 1886 - 7 Feb 1931) Her parents were Horace Antoine Napoleon Todd, and Sarah ( ) They had three children: Lockley Todd Maule (19 Jan 1915 - 15 Jul 1994), Maris Emma Maule ( ), and Wynne Malcolm Maule ( )
  In August, 1913, Maule collected Sorbus californica at an unknown location in the Mono National Forest and sent it to California Academy of Sciences (CAS696721). This collection is numbered #453 and is the only collection by Maule with an accession number.

Full Size ImageLabel on UC25696  
There is an undated collection of Salvia columbariae giving Yosemite in Mariposa County as the collecting locality (UC25696), which has been attributed to “Maule.” However, the collector name, while appearing to be similar to Maule, could also be “Maelen” or something similar.

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Locations: Minden.
Full Size ImageMaule House  

House built in Minden in 1915. The house is still there at 1604 Sixth Street.

Literature Cited:
- Bean, Betty, 1977.

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June Lake and Silver Weed Cinquefoil
On August 15, 1918, Maule collected Potentilla anserina ssp. anserina at “Summit Lake” (JEPS44183). Summit Lake is an earlier name for the lake we now call June Lake.

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Full Size ImageGentiana calycosa at Silver Lake.  

Maule also collected a Gentian at Silver Lake on October 6, 1922. He sent the collection to W. L. Jepson, who identified it as G. calycosa and deposited it in his herbarium (JEPS47074). This is the only collection of G. calycosa in the Mono Lake basin; indeed, in all of Mono County.

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Maule kept a diary
from his first days of employment until his retirement in 1938, he maintained a written record transcribed to typed pages [by his son, Wynne] 494 pages
However, the location of his diary or its transcription is unknown.

In 1938, Maule wrote a history of the area in which he worked, entitled “A Contribution to the Geographic and Economic History of the Carson, Walker, and Mono Basins in Nevada and California.” He also frequently supplied articles to western publications and his assistance was constantly sought to supply information on the early history of the area.

  Death: 23 Aug 1960 Gardnerville, Nev.
Burial: Gardnerville, Nev.

Literature Cited:
- Maule, Wynne M., 2007.

Locations: Minden.
Full Size ImageScrap of information about William M. Maule  

The walking tour of Minden (Maule, W. M., 2007) has the following entry:
[Stop ]3. Maule House (1604 Sixth Street): William Maule, supervisor of the Mono National Forest and father of present owner Wynne Maule, had this house built in 1915. It is the only residence in Minden currently occupied by a family member of the original owner. (Private Home)




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