Eastern Mojave Vegetation Parkfield Grade, Fresno County, and Parkfield Coalinga Road, Monterey County, California  

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Junction: California Highway 198

Full Size ImageMotte Family Monument
Full Size ImageMotte Family Monument  
Victor Roberts, born 1854, passed 1930
Victor Roberts was a pioneer to the area, immigrating from France to California in 1871. He homesteaded 160 acres of land, on the banks of Jacalitos Creek, at the base of Parkfield Mountain, through years of hard work he developed a fine 15000 acre cattle ranch.
Marcellin Roberts, born 1866, passed 1960
Victor's brother, immigrated from France in 1891 after serving in the French Army. Marcellin homesteaded 160 acres near the top of Parkfield Mountain. He build his house with a view of the valley below. He helped build the Parkfield Road and became the county road boss.
Baptiste Motte, born 1881, passed 1977
Baptiste was a nephew of Victor and Marcellin Roberts. Baptiste immigrated from France in 1897 and homesteaded 160 acres, on a branch of the Jacalitos Canyon. This branch became known as Motte Canyon. In 1910, he moved into Coalinga and worked in a grocery store owned by A. P. May. Baptiste started his own grocery market in 191 and it remained in business until the Coalinga earthquake in 1983.
Vince and Lois Motte, Family Trust

Full Size ImageMiddle Warthan Canyon  
Warthan Canyon as seen from Parkfield Grade.

Full Size ImageCoalinga as seen from the southwest  
  Fresno County above …
Monterey County below …

Full Size ImageV6 Ranch from the road.  

Full Size ImageLarge boulders along road  
  V6 Ranch



Locations: Parkfield.  



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- Toké, Nathan A., J Ramón Arrowsmith, Michael J. Rymer, Angela Landgraf, David E. Haddad, Melanie Busch, Joshua Coyan, and Alexander Hannah, 2011.

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Locations: Miller's Field paleoseismic site.  

Full Size Image
Miller's Field
The Miller's Field paleoseismic site is about 180 meters south of the east end of the bridge.

Investigation of a right-laterally offset channel at the Miller’s Field paleoseismic site yields a late Holocene slip rate of 26.2 +6.4/- 4.3 mm/yr (1s) for the main trace of the San Andreas fault at Parkfield, California. This is the first well-documented geologic slip rate between the Carrizo and creeping sections of the San Andreas fault. This rate is lower than Holocene measurements along the Carrizo Plain and rates implied by far-field geodetic measurements (~35 mm/yr). However, the rate is consistent with historical slip rates, measured to the northwest, along the creeping section of the San Andreas fault (<30 mm/yr). Together, this slip rate suggests that significant slip is accommodated by structures in a zone beyond the main San Andreas fault trace.

Full Size ImageParkfield Bridge.  

Full Size ImageCompromise joint in Parkfield Bridge.  
Bridge over Little Cholame Creek.

Full Size ImageParkfield Bridge.  

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