Eastern Mojave Vegetation Inyo Forest Road 4N01, Mono County, California  

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Home Page  North-south along a powerline in eastern Mono Lake basin.

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Junction: Forest Road 3N101, into Deep Caņon to the east
  Junction: Forest Road 4N01A, angles west to north, following the power line.

Junction: Forest Road 4N01D, east, also goes to the Project Flambeau site.

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• 4N01G:   at 4N01;  

Junction: Forest Road 4N01G, northeast up the fan to the area of patterned ground.

This area of patterned ground comprises 516 acres, and was one of two sites used by Project Flambeau, Experimental Fire 460-14-65

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Full Size ImagePowerline road just north of Deep Wells.  

View of powerline road going north.

Literature Cited:
- Palmer, Thomas Y., 1969.

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• Mono Lake Basin Flora:   at Deep Caņon;

Locations: Project Flambeau, Experimental Fire 460-7-66.  

On top of first terrace north of Deep Wells.

To the west is a cleared area that was the location of Project Flambeau Experimental Fire 460-7-66.

  Junction: Forest Road 2N08, following the power line to the south.

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  • Forest Road 3N02 "Deep Wells Road", west to Dobie Meadows Road.
  • Forest Road 3N14, east to Huntoon Valley.
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