Eastern Mojave Vegetation California Highway 180  

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Home Page  Probably best known as the Kings Canyon Highway, California Highway 180, starts in Mendota and runs east through Fresno to Kings Canyon National Park.







Locations: Kerman.  


Junction: California Highway 145, Kerman to the south.

Locations: Floyd.  

At South Floyd Avenue. This is probably the location of Floyd.

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Junction: California Highway 99 South



Locations: Fresno.  


Junction: California Hwy 99

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Junction: California Highway 99 North
  Junction: California Highway 41

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Junction: California Highway 168
  Kings Canyon National Park, Entrance Station



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The Wye

  General Grant Grove

Literature Cited:
- Stock, Greg M., Robert S. Anderson, and Robert C. Finkel, 2004.

Locations: Boyden Cavern. Kings River, South Fork.  

Boyden Cavern

Boyden Cavern is one of three caves on the South Fork of the Kings River from which sediments were dated by Stock, Anderson, and Finkel (2004) to estimate the rate of incision of the canyon. They found incision rates between 0.21 and 0.27 mm/year for the past 2.7 million years.



Cedar Grove

  End of Road
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