Eastern Mojave Vegetation California Highway 152  

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Home Page  California Highway 152 crosses the coast ranges of central California, from California Highway 1 near Watsonville to California Highway 99 near Chowchilla.

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• California Highway 1:   at CA Highway 152;  

Junction: California Highway 1, north to Santa Cruz, and south to Monterey.




  Hecker Pass
  Junction: Monterey Road



Literature Cited:
- Gudde, Erwin G., 1969 (3rd Ed.).

Locations: Gilroy.  


John Gilroy, a Scotch sailor and the first permanent non-Spanish settler in California, was left ashore in Monterey in 1814 by the Hudson's Bay vessel Isaac Todd because he was sick with scurvy. He settled in the Santa Clara Valley and married into a Mexican land grant family, whose rancho eventually became called "Gilroy's" (Gudde, 1969, p. 120).
  Junction: Monterey Road

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Junction: US Highway 101, north to San Francisco, or south to Los Angeles.

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• California Highway 156:   at California Highway 152;  

Junction: California Highway 156, south to Hollister, and west to San Juan Bautista.

Locations: Pacheco Pass.  

Junction: Dinosaur Point Road

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• U. S. Interstate 5:  56600;  

Junction: US Interstate 5, north to Sacramento, or south to Los Angeles.



Los Banos

  Dos Palos Y
  Red Top

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• CA Hwy 99:  59100;  

Junction: California Highway 99, north to Sacramento, or south to Bakersfield.
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