Eastern Mojave Vegetation Crestline Road, Washington and Iron Counties, Utah, and Lincoln County, Nevada  

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 Multiple roads, including Utah Highway 120, Utah Highway 219, Crestline Road, and Nevada Route 75. For purposes here, I have grouped all the roads on the route east from Enterprise into Nevada on the route to Panaca into Crestline Road.



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Junction: Utah Highway 18





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Junction: Rural road southwest toward Nevada border.

Literature Cited:
- Post, Douglas M., 1956.

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Locations: Pine Mountain.  

About 2 miles south of this point is Pine Mountain, Washington County, Utah. Post (1956) states that C. C. Parry made a collection of Frasera albomarginata on Pine Mountain.
  Utah above
Nevada below

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Junction: Rural road, south, then southeast toward Utah state line, and Beaver Dam Road.

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Full Size ImageUnion Pacific Railroad at Crestline, Nevada.  

Cross Union Pacific Railroad.



Locations: Crestline.  



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Full Size ImageLandfill at Crestline, Nevada  

The landfill at Crestline, Nevada.

The Crestline Landfill, located in Lincoln County near Panaca, is also privately-owned and positioned to receive rail-hauled waste. Crestline is currently operating as a Class II landfill serving the very modest disposal needs of Lincoln County, yet the facility has obtained a Class I permit (660 acre disposal area) to receive a large volume of solid waste per day once lined disposal cells are constructed and financial assurance for closure is demonstrated. In 2004 the Crestline Landfill was purchased by NORCAL Waste Systems, Inc., a solid waste management company with operations in California. It remains to be seen when, or whether, NORCAL will obtain contracts for waste importation and disposal that would justify the landfill's expansion to a Class I facility (Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, 2007 Solid Waste Management Plan, http://ndep.nv.gov/BWM/swmp/swp05.htm)

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Full Size ImageFrasera albomarginata northwest of Crestline, Nevada  


Full Size ImageCrestline Road at Nevada State Route 319  

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Junction: Nevada Highway 319, at Ninemile Rocks.




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  Post, Douglas M. 1956. Studies in the Gentianaceae: Frasera and Swertia of North America. Ph.D. dissertation. University of California, Berkeley. 1956..
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