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• Utah Highway 9:  Hurricane;

Locations: Hurricane.  


Junction: Utah Highway 9, east to Colorado City, Pipe Springs, and other points in northern Arizona.

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• Field Notes:  31 May 2005;

Locations: Hurricane. Hurricane Cliffs. La Verkin.
Full Size ImageHurricane as seen from the Hurricane Cliffs on the east.  

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Hurricane, Utah, looking southwest from a pullout on Utah Highway 59.
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La Verkin and the Hurricane Cliffs.
Leaving Hurricane, Utah Highway 59 first climbs the Hurricane Cliffs. Near the top, there is a place to pull out and look over Hurricane and La Verkin.
  Big Plain Junction

Literature Cited:
- Post, Douglas M., 1956.

Locations: Vermilion Cliffs.  

Vermilion Cliffs.

Other articles:
• Frasera albomarginata:   near Vermilion Cliffs;

Locations: Canaan Mountain.  

Canaan Mountain to the northeast. Frasera albomarginata has been collected on the lower slopes.

Other articles:
• Arizona Highway 389:   at Utah border.;  

Utah above
Arizona below.

Junction: Arizona Highway 389, east through Pipe Springs to Fredonia, Arizona.

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