Eastern Mojave Vegetation Emery County Road 912, "Millers Canyon to Willow Springs Wash Road."  

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 Emery to Willow Springs Wash

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Junction: Utah Highway 10
  Junction: S 300 E



Literature Cited:
- Stracher, Glenn B., David E. Tabet, Paul B. Anderson, and J. Denis N. Pone, 2005.

Other articles: Field Notes 24-Feb-09 at CAS Frasera albomarginata near Scofield Res.

Locations: Miller Canyon.  

Miller Canyon

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Location map of Miller Canyon and the Emery Coal Fields
There is a Marcus E. Jones collection of Frasera albomarginata from "Millers Canyon, south of Price."

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Full Size ImageCounty Road 912 at the top of Miller Canyon  


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Junction: US Interstate 70




Literature Cited

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  Stracher, Glenn B., David E. Tabet, Paul B. Anderson, and J. Denis N. Pone. 2005. Utah's state rock and the Emery coalfield: Geology, mining history, and natural burning coal beds. Interior United States. GSA Field Guide 6. Boulder, Colorado: Geological Society of America, 2005. {TAS-pdf}
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