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Other articles: BC Hwy 99 at border  

Junction: British Columbia Highway 99

Canada - United States border

United States below …



Exit 255: WA Hwy 542, Sunset Drive, to Bellingham.
  Exit 252: Samish Way, to Fairhaven.


Other articles: Field Notes Saturday, August 18th

Locations: Fairhaven.
Full Size ImageWe had dinner at the Colphon Caf e under the bookstore at right.  


  Exit 250: Old Fairhaven Parkway, to Fairhaven.

Other articles: US I-405 at US I-5 N  

Exit 182: US Interstate 405
  Exit 165: ________



Locations: Seattle.  



Other articles: US I-90 at Exit 10 Exit 2  

Exit 164: US I-90, east to Boston.

Other articles: US I-405 at US I-5 S  

Exit 154: US Interstate 405, Washington Highway 518




Exit 105: 14th Avenue SE, into Olympia.

Other articles: U. S. Highway 101 at US I 5  

Exit 104: US Highway 101

This is the north end of US Highway 101.

  Exit 68: US Highway 12, to Mount Rainier.

Other articles: WA SR 504 at I 5  

Exit 49: Washington Highway 504, Mt St Helens Way, to Mount Saint Helens.


Kelso / Longview

Exit 39: Washington Highway 4, Allen Street, to Kelso and Longview.
  Exit 7: US Interstate 205, east side of Portland, and US Highway 26 east.
  Washington above …
Oregon below …

Other articles: US I-405 at US I-5N  

Junction: US Interstate 405, north Portland.



Other articles: US I-84 at I-5  


Junction: US Interstate 84

Other articles: US I-405 at US I-5S  

Junction: US Interstate 405, south Portland.



Other articles: U. S. Highway 20 at US I-5  


Junction: US Highway 20, west to Newport, or east to Bend.

Albany is just west of the highway.

Other articles: Oregon Highway 126 at US I-5  

Exit 194: Oregon Highway 126





Other articles: Oregon Route 62 at US I-5  

Junction: Oregon Route 62, "Crater Lake Highway"







Locations: Yreka.  


  Rest Stop, at Weed Airport.





Other articles: US Highway 97 at US I-5  

Exit 747:
  • US Highway 97, north to Klamath Falls, Bend, and the Canadian border.
  • South Weed Boulevard, to downtown Weed,
  • Historic US 99,
  • California Highway 265, California's shortest highway.

Other articles: West and East Lake Street at US I-5  

Exit 738: W. Lake Street



Other articles: California Highway 89 at US I-5

Locations: Mount Shasta (town).  

Mount Shasta

Junction: California Highway 89, south through Lassen Park to Lake Tahoe, and then to U. S. Highway 395.

Other articles: California Highway 299 at US I5  

Junction: California Highway 299



Locations: Redding.  





Other articles: California Highway 36 at I5 CA Hwy 99 at US I-5

Locations: RedBluff.  

Red Bluff

Junction: California Highway 36

Locations: Elder Creek.  

Cross Elder Creek.

Elder Creek drains a portion of the North Coast Ranges into the Sacramento River. It is noted here because the Coast Range Ophiolite crops out across the north, middle, and south forks of Elder Creek to the west.



Other articles: County Route A9 Corning

Locations: Corning.  


Junction: Tehama County A9, west to Paskenta.



Other articles: California Highway 20 in Williams  


Junction: California Highway 20
Sacramento City Limit

Other articles: California Highway 70 at US I-5 CA Hwy 99 32400  

Junction: California Highway 99, north to Marysville.

Other articles: Interstate 80 22000  

Junction: US Interstate 80.

This junction is on the north side of Sacramento, where US Interstate 80 bypasses the downtown area.

  American River Crossing



Locations: Sacramento.  



Other articles: U. S. Highway 50 at Sacramento  

  • US Highway 50, east through the Sierra Nevada to Lake Tahoe and beyond.
  • California Highway 99, south through the San Joaquin Valley until it rejoins I-5 south of Bakersfield.
  Sacramento City Limit
  Sacramento County above …
Cross Mokelumne River
San Joaquin County below …

Other articles: County Route J11, Walnut Grove Road near Thornton  

Junction: San Joaquin County Route J11, "Walnut Grove Road"

Other articles: CA Hwy 12 40000  

Junction: California Highway 12, west to Rio Vista, Fairfield, Santa Rosa and Sebastopol; or east to Lodi and California Highway 49 near San Andreas.

Other articles: California Highway 4 33800  

Junction: California Highway 4, west to Brentwood.

Other articles: California Highway 4 34000  

Junction: California Highway 4, east over Ebbets Pass to California Highway 89 near Markleeville.

Other articles: California Highway 120 at US I-5  

Junction: California Highway 120

California Highway 120 goes east to Yosemite National Park, Tioga Pass, and Mono Lake on US Hwy 395.

Other articles: US I-205 10000  

Junction: US Interstate 205, west through Tracy, to US Interstate 580 and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Other articles: US Interstate 580 32000  

Junction: US Interstate 580, north, then west to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Full Size ImageU. S. Interstate 5, south from Tracy to Santa Nella.  
View point for southbound traffic on U. S. Interstate 5.

Other articles: California Highway 140 at US I-5  

Junction: California Highway 140, east through Guistine to Merced and Yosemite.

Other articles: California Highway 152 at US Interstate 5  

Junction: California Highway 152
  • West to Gilroy, and then to Watsonville.
  • East through Los Banos, to CA Highway 99 near Chowchilla.
  DeLorme's Northern California Atlas and Gazetteer above
37° North.
DeLorme's Southern California Atlas and Gazetteer below.

Other articles: Little Panoche Road 10000  

Junction: Little Panoche Road

Literature Cited:
- Davies, Andrew, Alan E.S. Kemp, Graham P. Weedon, and John A. Barron, 2012.

Locations: Dosados Canyon.  

Junction: Russell Avenue

A little more than 2 miles west southwest of here is Dosados Canyon. Here, Davies, et al. (2012) studied the record of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation in the Late Cretaceous and concluded there is no evidence for a permanent El Niño in periods of warmer climate.

Other articles: Panoche Road 80000  

Junction: Panoche Road



Other articles: CA Hwy 198 at US I-5  

Harris Ranch

Junction: CA Highway 198

Here at "Harris Ranch" are the restaurants, motels, and gas stations. The cows are kept a couple of exits north.



Other articles: California Highway 41 Kettlemen City  

Kettlemen City

Junction: California Highway 41

Stop here for In 'n' Out Burger and gas, or vice versa.

Other articles: California Highway 46 at US I-5  

Junction: California Highway 46



Other articles: California Highway 58 Buttonwillow Junction
Full Size ImageBusinesses at Buttonwillow Junction  

Buttonwillow Junction

Junction: California Highway 58, west to Santa Margarita on US Highway 101, or east through Bakersfield to Barstow.

The town of Buttonwillow is a few miles west on CA Hwy 58.

Other articles: CA Hwy 166 at I-5  

Junction: California Highway 166, west to Santa Maria.

Other articles: CA Hwy 99 at US I-5  

Junction: California Highway 99, north through Bakersfield and the central San Joaquin Valley to Sacramento and beyond.

Locations: Fort Tejon State Historic Park. Old Fort Tejon.  

Junction: Fort Tejon Road, for Old Fort Tejon and Fort Tejon State Historic Park.

Other articles: California Highway 138 at US I-5  

Junction: California Highway 138, east to Lancaster, Palmdale, and Cajon Pass.

Other articles: California Highway 14 30000  

Junction: California Highway 14, north and east to Palmdale.




Other articles: U. S. Highway 101 at I-5 I-10 US I-10 at I-5  

Junction: U. S. Interstate 10, US Highway 101, east to San Bernardino.

Locations: Evergreen Cemetery.
Full Size ImageView of Evergreen Cemetery, Graves of Anna and Peter Pawluk in Foreground.  

Exit: Fourth Street, exit for Evergreen Cemetery.
  Junction: U. S. Interstate 10, the "Santa Monica Freeway," west to Santa Monica.

Other articles: Field Notes 26 Nov 2019

Locations: Irvine.
Full Size ImagePalm trees along US I-5 in Irvine.  



Other articles: California Highway 133 at I-5  

Exit 95: California Highway 133., south to Laguna Beach.



Other articles: California Highway 1 Dana Point  

Dana Point

Junction: California Highway 1.





Other articles: California Highway 78 at US I-5  

  • California Highway 78,
  • Vista Way







Locations: San Diego.  

San Diego





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