Eastern Mojave Vegetation Nevada State Route 447  

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 Wadsworth, north to Gerlach.

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• Surprise Valley Road:   at Nevada border;  

Junction: Surprise Valley Road in California.

Literature Cited:
- Coble, Matthew A., and Gail A. Mahood, 2012.  

To the north northeast is the Cottonwood Creek caldera of the High Rock caldera complex (Coble and Mahood, 2012).
  County Route 447 above
State Route 447 below



Literature Cited:
- Hall, H. M., and T. H. Goodspeed, 1919a.

Other articles:
• Ericameria nauseosa var. graveolens:  Hall&Goodspeed, 1919;

Locations: Gerlach.  


  Junction: Nevada State Route 446



Other articles:
• Nevada State Route 427:   at SR447;  


Junction: Nevada State Route 427, west to US I-80 and Reno, south to Fernley, Fallon, etc.




Literature Cited

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