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 From US Highway 93 to Beaver Dam State Park on Beaver Dam Wash.

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Junction: US Highway 93, Caliente to the south, Panaca and Pioche to the north.

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Full Size ImageColl. No. 565, Frasera albomarginata
Full Size ImageFrasera albomarginata habitat, as prepared by the Lincoln County Road Department  

On the west edge of Miller Bench, just as the road climbs up out of Meadow Valley Wash, I found the first Frasera albomarginata.

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Full Size ImageBeaver Dam Road climbs up onto Miller Bench.  


Locations: Miller Bench.  

Miller Bench between Meadow Valley Wash and Empy Mountain of the Cedar Range.

Locations: Empy Mountain.  

Empy Mountain to the north.

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Full Size ImageFrasera albomarginata along side Beaver Dam Road.
Full Size ImageLocation of observation.  

Frasera albomarginata has been observed near here.

Locations: Empy Wash.  

Cross Empy Wash.

Full Size ImageCrossroads  
Looking southwest into Crossroads.



Locations: Crossroads.  


Junction: road from Oak Well Canyon, and road to Barclay.
  Junction: Oak Well Canyon Road



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Locations: Acoma.
Full Size ImageAcoma siding on the Union Pacific Railroad.  


Frasera albomarginata was collected near here.

Full Size ImageBluffs about 1/2 mile east of Acoma  
Bluffs west of Acoma.

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Full Size ImageFrasera albomarginata habitat near Acoma.  

Frasera albomarginata habitat near Acoma.

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Junction: Rural road northeast to Utah border, and Crestline

Literature Cited:
- Bureau of Land Management, Nevada, Ely Field Office, 2007.

Locations: Beaver Dam Flat.
Full Size ImageBeaver Dam Flat, south of Beaver Dam Road  

The area of Beaver Dam Flat was chained, plowed and seeded in 1956. A total of 1,590 acres of Beaver Dam Flat on the Haypress Allotment and neighboring Barclay Allotment were mechanically treated (plowed and chained) and seeded with crested wheatgrass and yellow sweet clover (Melilotus spp.). Fifty years of succession has resulted in the seeding reverting to a Wyoming sagebrush dominated site. The crested wheatgrass on the Haypress Allotment is all but gone and Wyoming sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata var. wyomingensis) dominates the site with a small component of perennial grasses, forbs and other shrubs to accompany it.



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Locations: Beaver Dam State Park.
Full Size ImageView of Beaver Dam State Park from entrance  

Beaver Dam State Park

Indians first explored this area, camping and hunting along the streams of Headwaters Creek and Pine Creek. The two streams come together to form Beaver Dam Wash which is directly above the reservoir. Spaniards may also have crossed the region between 1540 and 1775 while establishing trade routes in the Southwest. In 1849, a group of emigrants left the Old Spanish Trail to the south, and journeyed west to seek gold in California.

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Full Size ImageFrasera albomarginata in Beaver Dam State Park.  


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Full Size ImageFrasera albomarginata in Campground "B"  

Frasera albomarginata in Campground "B."

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Full Size ImageView of canyon from Oak Knoll at Beaver Dam State Park  

View from Oak Knoll

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Full Size ImageBeaver Dam Creek  

Beaver Dam Creek at the Waterfall Trailhead.
  End of Road near Nevada/Utah state line.




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  A list of all literature cited by this web site can be found in the Bibliography.
  Bureau of Land Management, Nevada, Ely Field Office. 2007. Proposed Decision: National Mustang Association Term Permit Renewal for the Haypress, Sand Hills, Little Mountain, and Clover Creek Allotments. Ely Nevada: Bureau of Land Management, September 26, 2007. {TAS-pdf} The Haypress allotment is on the western portion of Beaver Dam Flat, which was chained and plowed in 1956.
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