Eastern Mojave Vegetation Panum Crater, Mono County, California.

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Crater at north end of Mono Craters, also known as "North Crater."

Watkins, et al. (2012) studied H2O and CO2 concentration gradients in pyroclastic obsidian from Mono Craters to develop a tool for evaluating degassing models and inferring time scales of magmatic processes. Since the obsidian was taken from a crater said to have erupted in A.D. 1340, it is assumed the sample was made at Panum Crater.

Elevation: 7037ft, 2145m.

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Cryptantha circumscissa (Hook. & Arn.) I. M. Johnst. Cushion Cryptantha

Cryptantha confertiflora (Greene) Payson. Basin Yellow Cryptantha

Cryptantha watsonii (A. Gray) Greene. Watson's Cryptantha

Phacelia ramosissima Douglas ex Lehm. Branching Phacelia


Descurainia paradisa (A. Nelson & P. B. Kenn.) O. E. Schulz. Paradise Tansymustard


Mentzelia monoensis J. M. Brokaw & L. Hufford. Mono Craters Blazing Star


Abronia turbinata S. Watson. Transmontane Sand Verbena


Eremothera boothii (Douglas) W. L. Wagner & Hoch boothii. Booth's Evening Primrose


Diplacus mephiticus (Greene) G.L. Nesom. Skunky Monkey Flower


Eriogonum baileyi S. Watson baileyi. Bailey's Buckwheat

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