Eastern Mojave Vegetation Field Notes (Continued)  

Tom Schweich  

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2008 Tour de Swertia albomarginata
Mono Lake, August 2008
Literature Cited
 When I first read the field notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg, I was fascinated by the descriptions they wrote about the places they went and the plants and animals they found there. By publishing my field notes on the Internet I hope to follow a little bit in their tradition.



August, 2018


Other articles: Alley bet. Arapahoe & Cheyenne
Full Size ImageConditions in the alley, 3 August 2018.  

August 3, 2018.

Other articles: Alley bet. Arapahoe & Cheyenne

Letters: Sunday, August 5, 2018.
Full Size ImageConditions in the alley, 4 Aug 2018  

August 4, 2018.



Other articles: Golden Checklist Flora near Heritage Dells Park Kinney Run Trail near intersection

Locations: Heritage Dells.
Full Size ImageThe southern part of proposed mountain bike trail, Segment 4.  

Sunday, August 8th

I went to Kinney Run to look at proposed Segment 4 of the propsed Singletrack Sidewalks. This slope has already been reclaimed because of a trail going directly down slope.

Other articles: Alley bet. Arapahoe & Cheyenne
Full Size ImageConditions in the alley, 7 Aug 2018.
Full Size ImageConditions in the alley, 7 Aug 2018.  

August 7, 2018

Other articles: 6th Street at 1114
Full Size ImageTriplex at 1114 6th Street.  

August 9, 2018



Literature Cited:
- Hellmund Associates, 1998.

Other articles: Chimney Gulch Trail above trail junction below trail junction just below Welch Ditch below Welch Ditch
Full Size ImageTypical narrow cross-section of the Chimney Gulch Trail.  

Saturday, August 11th

Full Size Image
Trail widened to 9 feet.
Full Size Image
Intersection with the old trail.
Full Size Image
The old closed trail used by mountain bikers and hikers.
Full Size Image
Typical trail widening on the upper part of a curve.
Full Size Image
Rattlesnake on the Chimney Gulch Trail.
I went to the lower portion of the Chimney Gulch Trail to look at trail widths. The narrowest spots were 3 feet wide. Five and 6 foot widths were common, and the widest place was 9 feet on the straight and level. Turns, though were a different matter. Curves were typically 11 feet wide on the upper side of the curve, with an additional 3 feet of cut bank above that. At the former trail junction, the crossbucks have been moved and the old trail is on common use by both foot traffic and bicycles.



Other articles: US Interstate 25 at Exit 54

Locations: Chugwater.
Full Size ImageEntrance to Chugwater, Wyoming.  

Monday, August 13th

Golden to Sheridan, WY

Other articles: US Hwy 26 w. of Guernsey
Full Size ImageInterpretive panel for Rifle Pit Hill along US Highway 26.  

Rifle Pit Hill


Other articles: US Hwy 26 in Guernsey

Locations: Guernsey. Oregon Trail.
Full Size ImageOregon Trail Ruts interpretive site.  

Guernsey Ruts

Oregon Trail Ruts State Historic Site is a preserved site of wagon ruts of the Oregon Trail on the North Platte River, about 0.5 miles south of Guernsey, Wyoming. The Oregon Trail here was winding up towards South Pass. Wagon wheels, draft animals, and people wore down the trail about two to six feet into a sandstone ridge here, during its heavy usage from 1841–1869. The half-mile stretch is "unsurpassed" and is the best-preserved set of Oregon Trail ruts anywhere along its former length.
Full Size Image
Oregon Trail Ruts through a sandstone ridge.
Full Size Image
Oregon Trail Ruts interpretive panel.
Full Size Image
View of Gurnsey from the nearby Oregon Trail Ruts.
Full Size Image
Oregon Trail Ruts through a sandstone ridge.
Full Size Image
Encampments in the Guernsey Area.

Other articles: US Hwy 26 in Guernsey

Locations: Register Cliff.
Full Size ImageRegister Cliff State Historic Site.  

Register Cliff Monument

Register Cliff is a sandstone cliff and featured key navigational landmark prominently listed in the 19th century guidebooks about the Oregon Trail, and a place where many emigrants chiseled the names of their families on the soft stones of the cliff — it was one of the key checkpoint landmarks for parties heading west along the Platte River valley west of Fort John, Wyoming which allowed travelers to verify they were on the correct path up to South Pass and not moving into impassable mountain terrains.
Full Size Image
Interpretive panel at Register Cliff
Full Size Image
Local ranchers dug this tunnel into Register Cliff to store their crops.
Full Size Image
Encampments in the Guernsey Area.
Full Size Image
Registrations at Register Cliff; mostly modern.

Other articles: US Hwy 26 w. of Guernsey
Full Size ImageOne of many signs along the highway showing where a historic trail crosses.  

One of many signs that show places that a historic trail crosses a modern road.

Other articles: US Interstate 25 s. of Orin Jct.
Full Size ImageA loaded and an empty BNSF coal train meet between Glendo and Orin, Wyoming.  

Two BNSF coal trains meet between Orin Junction and Glendo.


Other articles: US I-90 in Sheridan

Locations: Sheridan.
Full Size ImageAll the busses with their backsides turned to the tourists in the hotel.  


Full Size Image
CB&Q 5631 a 4-8-4 “Northern” on display in Sheridan, WY
Full Size Image
The Original 1892 Wood Sheridan Railroad Depot
Full Size Image
The 1912 Brick Sheridan Railroad Depot
Stayed the night in Sheridan. Ate dinner at Wyoming Creek and Cattle Co.



Tuesday, August 14th

Sheridan, WY to Butte, MT


Other articles: US I-90 at Exit 510

Locations: Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.
Full Size ImageIn the shelter of the Native American monument.  

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Full Size Image
Monument to the U. S. Cavalry soldiers.
Full Size Image
Native American monument at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.
Full Size Image
“Custer had it coming”


Other articles: US I-90 at Exit 408

Locations: Columbus. Yellowstone River.
Full Size ImageThe Yellowstone River in Columbus, Montana  


Lunch and a view of the Yellowstone River.



Wednesday, August 15th

Butte, MT to Spokane, WA

Other articles: US I-90 in Butte

Locations: Butte. Our Lady of the Rockies.
Full Size ImageWorld Museum of Mining on the Montana Tech campus.  

Butte, Montana
Full Size Image
Our Lady of the Rockies above Butte, MT

Other articles: US I-90 in Couer D'Alene

Locations: Couer D'Alene.
Full Size ImageLake Couer D'Alene.  


Smoky, smoky, smoky, …



Thursday, August 16th

Spokane, WA to Seattle, WA

Locations: Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park. Vantage.
Full Size ImageGinkgo Petrified Forest State Park.
Full Size ImageGinkgo leaf fossil.  



Other articles: US I-90 at Olmstead Place

Locations: Olmstead Place State Park.
Full Size ImageSchool house at the Olmstead Place.  

Olmstead Place State Park

Full Size Image
The original Olmstead cabin.
Full Size Image
Full Size Image
Olmstead Place State Park.
Full Size Image
Family house.

Other articles: US I-90 96120

Locations: Cle Elum.
Full Size ImageMap of Rail Yard Trail  

Full Size Image
Milwaukee Road caboose and section house.
Full Size Image
Milwaukee Road depot in Cle Elum.
Former Milwaukee Road rail yard.

Other articles: US I-90 at Exit 25

Locations: Snoqualmie Falls.
Full Size ImageSnoqualmie Falls on a smoky day.  

Brief stop at Snoqualmie Falls.



Friday, August 17th

Seattle, WA

Locations: Seattle.
Full Size ImageThe Panama Hotel in Seattle's International District.
Full Size ImageSeattle on a smoky day.  

Full Size Image
The troll under the bridge.
Leslie gave us the complete cultural tour of Seattle.

The Panama Hotel is known for the rich Japanese American history before and during World War II. The hotel is known for housing the belongings of the Japanese families in Seattle once Executive Order 9066 was enacted and the evacuation of Japanese to internment camps. After the Japanese American internment, most of the Seattle-based families were not able to return due to death, financial constraints, and relocation; their belongings still reside in the basement of the hotel. It is also known as being the namesake of the novel Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford (WikiPedia).



Other articles: U. S. Interstate 5 12300

Locations: Fairhaven.
Full Size ImageWe had dinner at the Colphon Caf e under the bookstore at right.  

Saturday, August 18th

Seattle, WA to Ladner, BC



Sunday, August 19th

Ladner, BC to Sointula, BC

Other articles: BC Hwy 17 at Tsawwassan Ferry Term.

Locations: Tsawwassen.
Full Size ImageFerry departs the Tsawwasswn Ferry Terminal.  

Full Size Image
Departing Tsawwassen, our ferry was fully loaded.

Other articles: BC Hwy4A at Old Country Mkt

Locations: Coombs.
Full Size ImageGoats on a Roof.  

Full Size Image
Cheryl at Goats on a Roof.
Full Size Image
Goat on the roof.
Goats on a Roof for lunch.

Other articles: BC Hwy 19 near Roberts Lake

Locations: Roberts Lake.
Full Size ImagePink potties for the ladies in Canda.  

Full Size Image
Roberts Lake through the forest fire smoke.
Roberts Lake through the smoke.



Monday, August 20th


Other articles: 1 St 48700 at cabin

Locations: Sointula.
Full Size ImageA very smokey first morning in Sointula.  

Full Size Image
The deer are small black-tailed deer.
Full Size Image
Zorba tries out Cheryl's lap.
Full Size Image
Gift shop at Sointula Harbor
Full Size Image
Sointula Harbor.
Our first morning in Sointula it was very smokey. We stayed around town and had dinner at the Burger Barn.



Other articles: Telegraph Cove Road Telegraph Cove

Locations: Broughton Strait. Telegraph Cove.
Full Size ImageThe harbour at Telegraph Cove.  

Tuesday, August 21st

Telegraph Cove and return. Dinner at Sportsman's Steak and Pizza House, and then back to Sointula on the 7:40 PM ferry. This entailed a ride to Alert Bay and then to Sointula.
Full Size Image
Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans boat enters Telegraph Cove; Orca fin in middleground.
Full Size Image
Some Orcas we saw off Telegraph Cove.
Full Size Image
The black behemoth, our trusty steed, rides backward on the leg to Alert Bay.



Literature Cited:
- Hora, Zdenek D., and Kirk D. Hancock, 2008.

Other articles: Fir Street near ferry at Maple Beach Drive at ferry 1 St at cabin bet 18 & 19 Ave

Locations: Alert Bay. Broughton Strait. Haddington Island. Sointula.  

Wednesday, August 22nd

Full Size Image
A sail boat motors by our cabin in the morning.
Full Size Image
Some interesting shingle work on a garage in Sointula.
Full Size Image
Coming into Port McNeil.
Full Size Image
The black behemoth re-enters the ferry on a “Turnaround” move.
Full Size Image
Haddington Island from ferry to Alert Bay.
Full Size Image
Waterfront at Alert Bay.
Full Size Image
Boardwalk along Fir Street.


Literature Cited:
- Anonymous, n.d..

Other articles: Fir Street 63000
Full Size ImageTotem pole.  

'Namgis Burial Ground

Full Size Image
Totem pole.
Full Size Image
Totem pole.


Other articles: Front Street U'mista Cultural Centre

Locations: Alert Bay.
Full Size ImageU'mista Cultural Center  

U'mista Cultural Center

Full Size Image
Boat docks at the north harbour.
Full Size Image
The Council of Elders.
Full Size Image
Totem pole at U'mista Cultural Center.
No photography inside.



Other articles: 1 St at cabin

Locations: Broughton Strait. Sointula.
Full Size ImageSmoke cleared out in the morning.  

Thursday, August 23rd

Full Size Image
Kitchen of cabin.
Full Size Image
Ferry arriving in Sointula.
Full Size Image
Our group at Big Lake.



Locations: Bere Point. Mitchell Bay.
Full Size ImageViewing platform at Bere Point.
Full Size ImageThe rubbing beach at Bere Point.  

Friday, August 24th

Full Size Image
The Red Barn on Mitchell Bay



Other articles: Beach Drive at ferry 1 St at 13 Ave at 17 Ave

Locations: Cormorant Island. Malcolm Island. Port McNeil. Sointula.
Full Size ImageTwo meeting halls, one behind th eother, with the library and museum at left.  

Saturday, August 25th

Full Size Image
Restroom sign in Sointula.
Full Size Image
Heather and Jesse James the goat waiting for the ferry to Alert Bay.
Full Size Image
Moonrise over Cormorant Island.



Other articles: 17 Ave at ferry at 1st St 1 St at cabin

Locations: Sointula.
Full Size ImageSaying goodbye to our cottage.  

Sunday, August 26th

Sointula, BC to Port Alberni, BC
Full Size Image
Saying goodbye to our cottage.
Full Size Image
Cheryl and Sandy in the gate of our cabin.
Full Size Image
Goodbye, Sointula



Monday, August 27th

Port Alberni, BC to Tofino, BC

Other articles: Kingsway Avenue Alberni Pacific Railway

Locations: Port Alberni.
Full Size ImageRear 3/4 view.  

Full Size Image
Front 3/4 view.
Full Size Image
Alberni Pacific No. 2
We stopped to see the Alberni Pacific Railway.

Other articles: Tofino Ucluelet Highway and Peninsula Road at CG Rd

Locations: Amphitrite Point. George Fraser Islands.
Full Size ImageAmphitrite Light House  

Full Size Image
George Fraser Islands south of the Amphitrite Light House.
Full Size Image
Interpretive panel for a whistle buoy.
Full Size Image
Interpretive panel for the Amphitrite Point Lighthouse.
Full Size Image
No clean-up fairy on duty.
Full Size Image
We should have golden trucks in Golden.

Other articles: 1st St on wharf

Locations: Tofino.
Full Size ImageInto town from the wharf.  

Full Size Image
Float plane tours of the Tofino area.
In Tofino.



Tuesday, August 28th

Port Alberni, BC to Victoria, BC

Full Size ImageThe sunken garden.
Full Size ImageThe sunken garden.
Full Size ImageSandy and Val in the Japanese Garden  

Butchart Gardens




Wednesday, August 29th

Victoria, BC to Port Angeles, WA

Locations: Songhees Point. Victoria.
Full Size ImageVictoria from Songhees Point.
Full Size ImageFisherman's Wharf.  

Around Victoria, BC
Full Size Image
Houseboats at Fisherman's Wharf.
Full Size Image
Empress Hotel along the waterfront.

Locations: Victoria.
Full Size ImageCars (and trucks) lined up on the ferry.
Full Size ImageSailing out of Victoria harbour.  

Ferry to Port Angeles, WA

Locations: Juan de Fuca Strait. Port Angeles. Strait of Juan de Fuca.
Full Size ImageSunset in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  

Strait of Juan de Fuca



Thursday, August 30th

Port Angeles, WA to Seattle, WA

Other articles: 2nd St at Laurel

Locations: Port Angeles.
Full Size ImageMorning in Port Angeles.  


Other articles: Hurricane Ridge Road at viewpoint 90000

Locations: Olympic National Park.
Full Size ImageCloud hanging on the ridge.  

Full Size Image
The towns of Sequim and Dungeness under the cloud deck.

Other articles: WA SR 20 Port Townsend

Locations: Port Townsend.
Full Size ImageLunchtime view of Port Townsend Bay.  

Lunch at Siren's Seafood Bar in Port Townsend.

Locations: Bainbridge Island. Seattle.
Full Size ImageBainbridge Island from the ferry.
Full Size ImageSeattle from Bainbridge Island Ferry  

Ferry crossing to Seattle from Bainbridge Island



Friday, August 31st

Issaquah, WA

Lunch at Coho Café-Issaquah.

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