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2008 Tour de Swertia albomarginata
Mono Lake, August 2008
Literature Cited
 When I first read the field notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg, I was fascinated by the descriptions they wrote about the places they went and the plants and animals they found there. By publishing my field notes on the Internet I hope to follow a little bit in their tradition.








March, 2018


Literature Cited:
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Note on Smooth Brome One of the most common non-native species found at nearly every site was smooth brome (Bromopsis (Bromus) inermis). Smooth brome is not on the noxious weed list, yet it appears to be one of the largest threats to ecosystems, besides development, in Jefferson County, particularly in wetlands. Smooth brome is very difficult to treat without causing problems to the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, the spread of smooth brome is being encouraged by weed treatment activities especially in wetlands. Canada thistle is very common in wetlands, and is a B-List noxious weed. It is often treated with herbicides that impact dicots. Smooth brome is a monocot. A recent report by Rondeau (2011) found in a six year monitoring effort for Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense, also Breea arvensis) that although the treatments were successful in removing the Canada thistle it was replaced by smooth brome in wetlands where smooth brome was already in the area. In addition, they found the local native plants including woody species were being impacted as well over the six year study. Overall the result was a less desirable outcome than the situation being remedied from an ecological perspective. This is unfortunate because Canada thistle is a B-Listed plant; people are being required to treat it. If smooth brome is in the vicinity (which is often the case) a state listed noxious weed is being replaced by something that is even more difficult to control and arguably more damaging to the ecosystem. In the State of Colorado, smooth brome is available for use in seed mixes used by ranchers, homeowners and highway departments which is why it is not listed as an invasive species. This plant is considered to be an invasive species in at least ten other states (MN, OH, IN, IL, KY, TN, NB, WI, ND and MS), by Ivasives.org and The Nature Conservancy.
  1773  Field identification: grass.
  1774  Field identification: grass.


Other articles: Social Trail (N. Wash. OS) at top at path

Locations: North Washington Open Space.
Full Size ImageMissouri Foxtail Cactus sits low in the soil.  

Sunday, March 11th

Full Size Image
Missouri Foxtail Cactus beside the trail.
Full Size Image
Bractless Blazing Star (Mentzelia nuda) with last year's fruit.
Walked up to the North Washington Open Space to look for the Escobaria missouriensis and other things that might be in bloom.



Wednesday, March 14th


Other articles: Social Trail near NTM trl
Full Size ImageCoryphantha missouriensis in a crack between three rocks.  

One plant of Coryphantha missouriensis found on the toe of a landslide, lowest southwest slopes of North Table Mountain.

Other articles: Golden Checklist Flora Carex inops heliophila Social Trail at corner
Full Size ImageCarex inops var. heliophila along the trail.  

A little Carex just starting to bloom, probably C. inops var. heliophila.



Friday, March 23rd

Denver to Newark to Atlantic Ocean.



Saturday, March 24th

Atlantic Ocean to Madrid to Bormujos.



Sunday, March 25th

Salida, Sanlucar la Mayor.


Full Size ImageSofia, Ian, Colin, and Cheryl by the Rio Guagalquivir
Full Size ImageKnitted decorations along the river.  

Monday, March 26th

Sevilla, paso of San Gonzalo over Triana Bridge.

The float of the Virgin in the streets of Triana. The thing to see here is the float will “jump” when it is picked up by the costaleros.



Tuesday, March 27th

Dolmens and Italica.


Locations: Dolmen de Matarrubilla.
Full Size ImageAltar or offering table in the Dolmen de Matarrubilla.
Full Size ImageSofia at the entrance to the Dolmen de Matarrubilla.  

Dolmen de Matarrubilla

The Matarrubilla Dolmen was discovered in 1917, also as a result of some agricultural tasks. It is just one kilometer in a straight line from La Pastora,

As a funerary corridor and circular chamber structure with a total length of 32 meters, Matarrubilla approaches La Pastora in grandeur. It differs fundamentally because in the chamber is a great block of black marble, carved and with a recess of several centimeters on the upperpart, that probably fulfilled functions of table of offerings or altar. Undoubtedly it is a ritual element that already had great importance in the design and planning of the monument, since its placement, occupying much of the space of the chamber, must have occurred before the erection of the roof in a false dome.

The funeral deposit found in Matarrubilla was quite scarce. In the plundered chamber were scrambled and fragmented remains of pottery and some human bones. In the corridor, some materials were in situ, including stone tools, a large number of fragments of gold lamellae, some ivory objects (including an elephant tusk in the rough, unworked) and several thousands of necklace beads. Only one complete skeleton was found, halfway down the corridor and in a cramped position. The relatively low number of burials and grave goods and the presence of the altar or offering table that so clearly dominates the space available in the vaulted chamber of the monument suggests that, indeed, a monument such as Matarrubilla may have played the role of a temple or ceremonial enclosure besides (or perhaps more than) a sepulcher ( https://www.rutasconhistoria.es/loc/dolmen-de-matarrubilla ).


Locations: Dolmen de Pastora.
Full Size ImagePath to the Dolmen de Pastora
Full Size ImageEntrance to the Dolmen de Pastora.  

Dolmen de la Pastora

Full Size Image
Inside the Dolmen de Pastora
Full Size Image
Interior of the chamber of the Dolmen de Pastora.
Full Size Image
Interpretive panel at Dolmen de Pastora.

More information about Dolmen de la Pastora is available here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolmen_de_la_Pastora .


Locations: Italica.
Full Size ImagePond and garden in private house in Italica.
Full Size ImageIn the amphitheater at Italica.  


More information about Italica: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italica .

Full Size ImageLunch at La Caseta de Antonio.  
Lunch at La Caseta de Antonio.



Wednesday, March 28th

Niebla, Castle, lunch at Roman Spring

Locations: Niebla.
Full Size ImageInside the castle at Niebla.
Full Size ImageSevilla Gate with the Rio Tinto beyond.  

Full Size Image
Sofia on top of Castillo de los Guzmanes.
Castillo de los Guzmanes

Locations: Dolmen de Soto.
Full Size ImageCheryl inside the Dolmen de Soto.
Full Size ImageOur group on top of Dolmen de Soto.  

Dolmen de Soto

Locations: Pilar de la Media Legua.
Full Size ImagePost-lunch photo at El Pilar de la Media Legua.
Full Size ImagePhoto of the Pilar de la Media Legua. Trigueros in the background.  

Lunch at the Pilar de la Media Legua.



Thursday, March 29th

Muelle de Carabelas to Portugal.

Locations: Muelle de las Carabelas.
Full Size ImageReplica of the Santa Maria.
Full Size ImageOn the replica of the Nina.  

Full Size Image
Colin and Ian on the bow of the Santa Maria.
Full Size Image
Replica of the Pinta, as seen from the top deck of the Santa Maria.
Full Size Image
Replica of the Nina.
Muelle de las Carabelas

Locations: Monasterio de La Rabida. Muelle de las Carabelas.
Full Size ImageFresco depicting the departure of Columbus.
Full Size ImageFresco depicting something, probably related to Columbus.  

Full Size Image
The chapel of Monasterio de La Rabida
Full Size Image
Ceiling of the chapel at the Monasterio de La Rapida.
Full Size Image
Cloister in Monasterio de La Rabida.
Full Size Image
A small side chapel at Monasterio de La Rabida
Full Size Image
Restored wall.
Full Size Image
The Muelle de Las Carabelas as seen from the Monasterio de La Rabida.
La Rabida Monastery.



Friday, March 30th

Ilha de Tavira, to lunch at Santa Luzia, to Sagrada Interro.

Locations: Ilha de Tavira.
Full Size ImageBoblefutbol on the beach of Ilha de Tavira
Full Size ImageIn the direction of the booming bass.  

Ilha de Tavira, filed with revelers for Semana Santa, complete with booming bass.

Locations: Tavira.
Full Size ImageInside the Igreja de Misericodria waiting for the Procissao do Enterro do Senhor.  

Waiting for the Procissao do Enterro do Senhor at the Igreja de Misericordia. Unfortunately, it began to rain and the procession did not go out.



Saturday, March 31st

Walking tour of Tavira to Cacela Velha.

Locations: Tavira.
Full Size ImageThe Roman Bridge across the Gilao River
Full Size ImageThe Gilao River from the Roman Bridge.  

Full Size Image
Moderately attentive group on the Roman Bridge.
Full Size Image
Inside the Igreja de Misericordia.
Walking around Tavira.

Locations: Cacela Velha.
Full Size ImageThe church of Cacela Velha from the beach.
Full Size ImageIan and an eel.  

Cacela Velha and lunch.

Locations: Tavira.
Full Size ImageView from Casa de Osga, our rural house.
Full Size ImageGetting ready to dye Easter eggs.  

Full Size Image
Easter eggs dyed.
Rural house, Casa de Osga, and coloring Easter Eggs.
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