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 Over the top of Lookout Mountain, also part of the Lariat Loop.

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• 19th Street:   at US 6;
• U. S. Highway 6:   at 19th;  

Intersection: US Highway 6, 19th Avenue

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• Parfet Estates Drive:   at 19th;  

Junction: Parfet Estates Drive

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• Water Tank Road:   at Lkout Mtn;  

Intersection: Water Tank Road

Locations: Windy Saddle Park.  

Windy Saddle Park below …

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• Chimney Gulch Trail:   at Lookout Mtn Rd;
• Field Notes:   30 Oct 2014;

Locations: Chimney Gulch.
Full Size ImageLookout Mountain Road crosses Chimney Gulch  

Parking for three cars at crossing of Chimney Gulch Trail.

Locations: Golden.  

Golden city limits above…

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• Field Notes:  20 Aug 2019;
Full Size ImageNico at the gate to the M.
Full Size ImageNico and Ian on the trail to the M.  

At the “M”

There is a small pullout and a trail up to the M.



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• Chimney Gulch Trail:   at Windy Saddle;
• Field Notes:   30 Oct 2014;

Locations: Windy Saddle.
Full Size ImageThe entire top of South Table Mountain as seen from Windy Saddle  

Windy Saddle

Junction: Chimney Gulch Trail, Lookout Mountain Trail

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• Field Notes:   30 Oct 2014;
Full Size ImageAdvice for motorists: Look Again For Bikes  


Locations: Windy Saddle Park.  

Windy Saddle Park above …
Lookout Mountain Park below …

Literature Cited:
- City and Mountain Views, 2014.

Locations: KWGN-TV.  

Driveway to KWGN-TV television tower farm. This was the location of Rees Vidler's real estate office.



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• Field Notes:   20 Aug 2014;

Locations: Buffalo Bill Memorial Museum. Lookout Mountain.
Full Size ImageGolden from Lookout Mountain  

Buffalo Bill Museum

Intersection: Road to Buffalo Bill Museum

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• Panorama Drive:   at Lookout Mtn Rd;  

Junction: Panorama Drive

Other articles:
• Panorama Drive:   at Lookout Mtn Rd;  

Junction: Panorama Drive

Locations: Golden Reservoir.  

Golden Reservoir

Other articles:
• Colorow Road:   at Lookout Mtn N;  

Intersection: Colorow Road, north junction, to Lookout Mountain Nature Center.
  Intersection: Larkspur Drive
  Intersection: Colorow Road


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• Apex Trail:   at Lookout;

Locations: Apex Park.  

Apex Park West Access

The Apex Trail comes out to Lookout Mountain Road. There is no parking and there are no facilities here.

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• Paradise Road:   at LookoutMtn;  

Junction: Paradise Road, to Apex Park.

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• US Hwy 40:   at S Lookout Mtn;  

Intersection: US Highway 40




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