Eastern Mojave Vegetation Rubey Drive, Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado  

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 Rubey Drive and North Rubey Drive.

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• Washington Avenue:   at N Rubey;  

Intersection: Washington Avenue

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• Iowa Street:   at N Rubey;  

Intersection: Iowa Drive, Iowa Street

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• Social Trail (Arapahoe to N. Rubey):   at N. Rubey Dr;
• Field Notes:  13 Dec 2018;  23 Dec 2018;  16 Mar 2019;
Full Size ImageBeginning of building at 148 Washington Avenue.
Full Size ImageConstruction at 148 Washington  

Junction: Path to Arapahoe Street

Full Size Image
Continued construction at 148 Washington
This path crosses land owned by the Villas at Canyon Point LLC.

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• Golden Checklist Flora:  Bromus tectorum;  Dactylis glomerata;  Secale cereale;
• Field Notes:  Tuesday, May 26th;  Coll. No. 1110, 26 May 2015;  Coll. No. 1111, 26 May 2015;  Coll. No. 1112, 26 May 2015;  Coll. No. 1113, 26 May 2015;
• Glossary:  auricle;
Full Size ImageNorth Rubey Drive, near CO S. H. 93 and Iowa Drive.
Full Size ImageColl. No. 1112, Bromus tectorum  

Full Size Image
Coll. No. 1110, Secale cereale, auricles ±1 mm.
Full Size Image
Coll. No. 1110, Secale cereale
Full Size Image
Coll. No. 1111, Dactylis glomerata, one panicle branch.
Full Size Image
Inflorescence of Coll. No. 1113, Bromus inermis
Full Size Image
Coll. No. 1113, Bromus inermis, auricles absent, or very much reduced.
Full Size Image
Coll. No. 1113, Bromus inermis, characteristic fold on leaf blade.
Street turns to parallel CO State Highway 93.
  Intersection: Golden Park Drive
  Intersection: Golden Park Place

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• Field Notes:  14 Jul 2019;
Full Size ImageSouth Table Mountain from Mitchell School.
Full Size ImageNorth Table Mountain from Mitchell School.  

Full Size Image
Northwest flank of Mount Zion above Clear Creek Canyon
Mitchell Elementary School
  Intersection: Cody Trail

Literature Cited:
- Kirkham, Robert M., 1977.  

This is appoximately the center of the NE1/4 SW1/4 Sect 28, T3S, R70W. Somewhere in this quarter-quarter are the locations of two trenches dug to explore a small graben of Quaternary age, thought to be related to the Golden fault. Excavations revealed a complex geologic picture suggesting two periods of fault rupture with a total of 5.5 m of displacement. Dating of zircons and glass shards from an ash deposited in the graben and disrupted by faulting yielded dates of 0.6 to 0.7 million years, suggesting faulting occurred more recently than those dates (Kirkham, 1977).

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• 5th Street:   at Rubey;  

Intersection: 5th Street, High Point Drive




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  Kirkham, Robert M. 1977. Quaternary movements on the Golden fault, Colorado. Geology. 5: 689-692. {TAS-pdf}
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