Eastern Mojave Vegetation Lubahn Trail (northern segment of loop), Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado  

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 Northern segment of trail from 18th and Belvedere to top of South Table Mountain. This segment has also been called the Sleeping Elk Trail.

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Junction: Lubahn Trail (southern segment of loop), South Table Mountain Trail, Golden Summit Trail. This looks like an old road to Castle Rock.
  Junction: spur, (use trail?) to Castle Rock.
  Rim of South Table Mountain.

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Full Size ImageFluvial deposits of the Denver Formation.
Full Size Image19th Street from rim of South Table Mountain  

View of fluvial deposits of Denver Formation across gulch.
  Spur trail below outcrop of Denver Formation.
  Switchback, southern most point of trail

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Full Size ImageMemorial Plaque for Jack D. Lubahn  

“In memory of CSM Professor Jack D. Lubahn, May 4, 1917 - Aug. 8, 1981, Who built this trail from 1967 to 1974.”

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Full Size ImageCastle Rock from Lubahn Trail trailhead
Full Size ImageLubahn Trail as seen from Mines.  

Trailhead: Belvedere Street, at 18th Street.




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