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 Lundy Lake Road goes up Lundy Canyon from US Highway 395 to the trailhead past the Lundy Lake Resort.

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  • US Highway 395, north to Bridgeport, or south to Lee Vining.
  • California Highway 167, east to Nevada.
  BLM Fire Station

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Junction: Forest Road 2N14, parallels Mill Creek to the east.



Literature Cited:
- Bursik, Marcus and Kerry Sieh, 1989.

Locations: Lundy Canyon.  

Lundy Canyon


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Locations: Lundy Canyon.
Full Size ImageLots of Sierra Bog Orchid across Mill Creek  

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More rock art in Lundy Canyon.
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Coll. No. 1014, Geranium richardsonii
Full Size Image
Coll. No. 1014, Geranium richardsonii
Full Size Image
Coll. No. 1015, Sidalcea oregana ssp. spicata
Some rock art in a picnic area of Lundy Canyon.
  Lundy Canyon Campground

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Junction: Lundy Dam Road

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Locations: Lundy Lake.
Full Size ImageLundy Lake Dam  

Lundy Lake Dam

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Full Size ImageLundy Lake  

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Full Size ImagePlaque at Lundy  



Literature Cited:
- Billeb, Emil B., 1968.

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Locations: Lundy.  


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Lundy Lake Resort at Lundy
Lundy Lake Resort with a general store and boat launch

Locations: Lundy Lake Campground.  

Lundy Lake Campground.
  The road ends in a one-way loop around an outhouse at the Lundy Canyon Trailhead, where there appear to be a few small campsites with picnic tables tucked into the trees.




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