Eastern Mojave Vegetation Furnace Creek Road, Mono County California  

Tom Schweich  

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Literature Cited:
- Bureau of Land Management, 2007.

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Locations: Furnace Creek.  

Junction: Nevada State Route 264
  Nevada above
California below
  Cross scarp

Locations: Fish Lake Valley. Furnace Creek. Silver Peak Range.
Full Size ImageFish Lake Valley and the Silver Peak Range from Furnace Creek.  

We stopped the vans to walk from the point that the road crosses the wash. The road itself continues only another mile further to a locked gate.

Locations: Fish Lake Valley.
Full Size ImageView north through Fish Lake Valley from Furnace Creek.  

View north through Fish Lake Valley from the mouth of Furnace Creek Canyon.
  Road crosses wash

Locations: Furnace Creek.
Full Size ImageFluff Grass (Erioneuron pulchellum) in Furnace Creek wash.
Full Size ImageFluff Grass (Erioneuron pulchellum) in Furnace Creek wash.  

Fluff Grass (Erioneuron pulchellum (Kunth) Tateoka) on a small terrace in Furnace Creek wash.

Locations: Furnace Creek.
Full Size ImageOld waterpipe in the wash at Furnace Creek.  

In the wash was some old waterpipe that had been washed down from above.

Full Size ImagePartially-developed desert pavement on terrace above Furnace Creek  
The road is on the first terrace above the wash. The second terrace above the wash had a partially developed desert pavement.

Full Size ImageSclerocactus polyancistrus near Furnace Creek, White Mountains, California  
Red-spined Fishhook Cactus (Sclerocactus polyancistrus) on terrace above Furnace Creek.

Locations: Furnace Creek.
Full Size ImageLocation that Sclerocactus polyancistrus was found.  

The Red-spined Fishhook Cactus (Sclerocactus polyancistrus) was found on the second terrace above the wash of Furnace Creek.
  Spring, Canyon splits.
  Canyon splits again.
  End of road, map shows springs here.

Locations: Tres Plumas Flat.
Full Size ImageTres Plumas Flat from the bottom of Furnace Creek.  

Tres Plumas Flat at the east end of Furnace Creek canyon.




Literature Cited

  A list of all literature cited by this web site can be found in the Bibliography.
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