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• California Highway 127:   at Baker;
• Interstate 15:  Baker;

Locations: Baker.  


  • U. S. Interstate 15
  • California Highway 127, north through Shoshone to Death Valley Junction.

Full Size ImageSigns on Kelbaker Road, leaving Baker.  
Signs on Kelbaker Road, as you are leaving Baker. This picture was taken on a rainy Saturday afternoon. It is 35 miles to Kelso, where there are no services, and 78 miles to the nearest services.

Full Size ImageKelbaker Road near Baker in an El Nino Spring rain.  
Kelbaker Road near Baker in an El Niņo-sponsored spring rain. From Baker, the road climbs 1100 ft up a broad bajada on the northwest slope of Cima Dome into the Cima Volcanic Field.

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• Field Notes:  20010422110;  

  Junction: Black Tank Wash Road



Locations: Cima Volcanic Field.  

Cima Volcanic Field


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• Aiken Mine Road:   at Kelbaker Rd;  

  • Aiken Mine Road
  • Old Dad Mountain Road

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• Glossary:  cinder_cone;
Full Size ImageJoshua tree (Yucca brevifolia) in bloom along Kelbaker Road.  

son, Kate and Roy with Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia) in bloom along Kelbaker Road. A cinder cone in the Cima Volcanic Field is in the background.

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• Power Line Road:  Kelbaker Road;  

Junction: Power Line Road

Full Size ImageProvidence Mountains from Kelbaker Road.  
The Providence Mountains as seen from Kelbaker Road where the road begins to descend toward Kelso. The Providence Mountains are very rugged on the northwest face shown here, and easier to visit from the southeast side. The Mid Hills are the northeast extension of the Providence Mountains ridge line as seen at left.

Full Size ImageOutcrop of fossiliferous Paleozoic limestone along Kelbaker Road.
Full Size ImageClose-up of fossiliferous limestone on Kelbaker Road.  

Locations: Kelso Dunes.
Full Size ImageKelso Dunes as seen from Kelbaker Road north of Kelso.  

Kelso Dunes as seen from Kelbaker Road north of Kelso.



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• Kelso Cima Road:   in Kelso;

Locations: Kelso.
Full Size ImageKelso Depot in April 1998.  


Junctions: Kelso Cima Road

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• Field Notes:  22-Apr-08;  22-Apr-08;
Full Size ImageLooking north toward Kelso
Full Size ImageDesert Lily beside Kelbaker Road  

Sand crosses the road, making a preferred habitat for the Desert Lily.
  Junctions: Vulcan Mine Road

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• Field Notes:  20050424250;

Locations: Vulcan Iron Mine.
Full Size ImageView of the Vulcan Iron Mine from Kelbaker Road  

View of the Vulcan Iron Mine from Kelbaker Road.



Literature Cited:
- Pavlik, Bruce Michael, 1985.

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• Kelso Dunes Road:   at Kelbaker Rd;

Locations: Kelso Dunes.  

Kelso Dunes

Full Size Image
Matt near the top of the Kelso Dunes.
Junction: Kelso Dunes Road

Matt near the top of the Kelso Dunes

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• Power Line Road:   at Kelbaker Rd;  

Junction: Power Line Road

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• Field Notes:  Thursday, 22 January;
Full Size ImageYucca schidigera along Kelbaker Road.
Full Size ImageRoad to Quail Basin.  

Full Size Image
Opuntia ramosissima along Kelbaker Road.
Full Size Image
Nasty Lookin' Stuff
Some Mojave Yucca (Yucca schidigera) along Kelbaker Road.

Jack & Marilyn Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center

Also known as: Granite Mountains Reserve.



Locations: Granite Pass.  

Granite Pass

This pass separates the Bristol Basin on the south from the Devils Playground and Soda Lake on the north.

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• Field Notes:  Thursday, 22 January;
Full Size ImageEntrance to Mojave National Preserve on Kelbaker Road.  


Other articles:
• U. S. Interstate 40:   at Kelbaker Road;  

Junction: U. S. Interstate 40, west to Barstow or east to Needles.

Literature Cited:
- Brown, Howard, 2003.

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• Field Notes:  22-Apr-08;
• Eastern Mojave Geology:   at Amboy Limestone Deposit;
Full Size ImageSnowcap Limestone Mine  

Omya (California) operates the Amboy Limestone quarry located 6 miles east of Amboy, California, in the southern Bristol Mountains. The Amboy Limestone deposit, a very high purity, high brightness (white) crystalline limestone deposit is of such high purity it is suitable for pharmaceutical and food grade limestone applications, and can be utilized in products for human consumption. The limstone is mined from an extensive dip slope of Mississippian age Monte Cristo Limestone, Bullion Member, up to 300 feet thick, and 1500 feet long. Current mine life is 55 years, plus reclamation phases for a total operation life of 70 years. The current Phase 1 quarry development occurs in an area of about 10 acres. The ultimate quary will cover approximately 50 acres.

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• U. S. Highway 66:  Kelbaker Road;  

Junction: Route 66, or National Old Trails Highway, east to Chambless, west to Amboy.




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