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Other articles: White Mountain Road at Silver Cyn Rd  

Junction: White Mountain Road

Literature Cited:
- Coleman, Drew S., Stephanie Briggs, Allen F. Glazner, and C. J. Northrup, 2003.

Locations: Silver Canyon.  

About half way down Silver Canyon is the sample location of Coleman, et al. (2003). A deformed diorite dike yielded only four zircons that suggest an age of 162.5 Ma.



Literature Cited:
- Turner, George, 1967.

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Locations: Laws.  

Laws Railroad Museum

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The train at the Laws Railroad Museum.
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Front of the Laws Museum.
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Locomotive #9 at the Laws Museum
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Laws Depot
Laws Railroad Museum
  Also at this intersection is California Historical Landmark No. 230

First Permanent White Habitation in Owens Valley

In August of 1861, A. Van Fleet and three other men drove their cattle into Owens Valley and prepared to stay. A cabin of sod and stone was built at the big bend of the Owens River at the northern end of the valley.

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Junction: US Highway 6




Literature Cited

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