Eastern Mojave Vegetation Forest Road 1S88, Mono County, California  

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 Routing is a little confused. While this road definitely intersects Bald Mountain Road (1S05) just south of Little Sand Flat, it either goes northeast to join 1S13 on the east side of Little Sand Flat, or bends northwest to join 1S41 on the west side of Little Sand Flat. For purposes of this article I am assuming the former.

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Junction: 1S13

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Full Size ImageMono Craters as seen from Little Sand Flat  

View of Mono Crater to the west.

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Full Size ImageLittle Sand Flat from burned forested island.  

  Forested island.

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Full Size ImageSkunky Monkeyflower in Little Sand Flat  

Skunky Monkeyflower Mimulus nanus var. mephiticus beside the road.

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Full Size ImageSouth end of Little Sand Flat.  

  Road to northwest. This may be the route of 1S88.

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Full Size ImageSouth end of Forest Road 1S88.  

Junction: "Bald Mountain Road," Forest Road 1S05




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