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Crane Flat

Junction: California Highway 120, east over Tioga Pass to US Highway 395, or west through Oakdale to Manteca, with connections to the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Junction: California Highway 140, , on the Yosemite Valley floor.



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Locations: Yosemite National Park.
Full Size ImageYosemite Valley from Wawona Tunnel in 1956.  

Inspiration Point

Full Size Image
View of Yosemite Valley from Inspiration Point.



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Junction: California Highway 49, north through the California Gold Country.

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Junction: California Highway 99, north to Sacremento.





Other articles: CA Hwy 99 at CA Hwy 41 W  

Junction: California Highway 99, south to Bakersfield.



Other articles: U. S. Interstate 5 Kettlemen City  

Kettlemen City

Junction: US Interstate 5, up and down the Great Valley of California.

Other articles: California Highway 33 at CA Hwy 41  

Junction: Calfiornia Highway 33, north to Coalinga, or south to Ventura.

Other articles: California Highway 46 at CA Hwy 41 East  

Junction: CA Highway 46

Other articles: Cholame Road at CA 41/46  

Junction: Cholame Valley Road, north to Parkfield.

Other articles: Cholame Road at CA 41/46  

Junction: Cholame Valley Road, south to wherever



Other articles: California Highway 46 Cholame

Locations: Cholame.
Full Size ImageJack Ranch Caf e and James Dean Memorial at Cholame, CA.  


The actual crash site is a half mile east on highway 46, and 200 yards to the west, in the middle of a farm field. The intersection was realigned when the highway was repaved and renumbered back in 1973. The old intersection and the last 8 miles of the highway that Dean traveled are on land belonging to the State Water Department, and The Jack Ranch, and permission must be obtained to walk or drive the short stretch of old highway.

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Junction: CA Highway 46.





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Locations: Atascadero Pine Mountain Cemetery.
Full Size ImageView from Atascadero Cemetery  

Atascadero Cemetery




Other articles: U. S. Highway 101 in Atascadero  


Junction: US Highway 101, south to Los Angeles, north to San Francisco.

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Locations: Atascadero Lake.
Full Size ImageAtascadero Lake, without water.  

Atascadero Lake, to the south.



Other articles: California Highway 1 at CA Hwy 41  

Morro Bay

Junction: CA Highway 1.
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