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Cinnabar Canyon
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Junction: US Highway 395
  California Highway 270 follows Clearwater Creek




Literature Cited:
- Bureau of Land Management, 2003.
- Chesterman, Charles W., 1968.

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Locations: Big Alkali. Cinnabar Canyon.  

Cinnabar Canyon

Full Size Image
Entrance to Cinnabar Canyon
Road north. Appears to be best way to Big Alkali.

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Full Size ImageSheep in lower Mormon Meadow  

Sheep at the lower end of Mormon Meadow

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Full Size ImageMormon Meadow looking northeast from the lower end.  

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Full Size ImageCoyote Springs Road at CA Hwy 270 in Mormon Meadow  

Junction: Coyote Springs Road, south into the Mono Lake basin by way of Bridgeport Canyon. This is the former route from Bridgeport to the Mono Lake basin.



Literature Cited:
- Wedertz, Frank S., 1978.

Other articles: Field Notes 26-Jun-07 at Mormon Mdw

Locations: Mormon Meadow.  

Mormon Meadow

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Mormon Meadow
Named for Col. Thomas J. Moorman, an 1850's resident of the area.
  Mormon Ranch

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Full Size ImageUpper end of Mormon Meadow  

Looking southwest, downstream on Clearwater Creek, at the upper end of Mormon Meadow.

Other articles: Field Notes 20070626620
Full Size ImageUpper end of Mormon Meadow  

Looking northeast, upstream on Clearwater Creek, at the upper end of Mormon Meadow.

Literature Cited:
- Messick, T. H., 1982.

Locations: Mount Biedeman.
Full Size ImageMount Biedeman from the north side.  

Road to Mt Biedleman.

Mount Biedeman is within the area covered by Messick's (1982) flora of the Bodie Hills.

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Junction: Unknown Road, into uppermost Cottonwood Canyon drainage.

Locations: Mono Basin.  

Clearwater Creek (East Walker River) Basin above
Mono Lake basin (Cottonwood Canyon) below

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Full Size ImageSmall lightning set fires in the Bodie Hills.  

View north of the highway towards some small lightning-set fires. This was the Potato Fire.

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Full Size ImageAntelope in the Bodie Hills  

Antelope south of California Highway 270.

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Full Size ImageSmall exclosure in Bodie Hills.  

Small exclosure alongside the road.

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Full Size ImagePotentilla biennis, Coll #688, Bodie Hills
Full Size ImageHorkelia fusca ssp. parviflora, Coll #689  

Cross Creek



Literature Cited:
- Chesterman, Charles W., 1968.
- Messick, T. H., 1982.

Other articles: Field Notes 20070626560 Mono Lake Basin Flora at Cottonwood Cyn

Locations: Murphy Spring.  

Murphy Spring

Full Size Image
Murphy Spring -- Full O' Cows
Type locality of the Murphy Spring Tuff Breccia.

While Annie Alexander and Louise collected here, this trip it was full of cows and not very inviting for botanizing.

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Full Size ImageUpper Cottonwood Canyon from CA Highway 270  

View of Cottonwood Canyon from California Highway 270.

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Full Size ImageMount Biedeman from pass west of Bodie  

View of Mount Biedeman with Tioga Crest in background.

Locations: Mono Basin.  

Mono Lake basin (Cottonwood Canyon) above
Rough Creek (East Walker River) Basin below

Other articles: Cottonwood Canyon Road near Bodie  

Junction: Cottonwood Canyon Road
  Bodie State Historic Park entrance station.
  Bypass Road



Literature Cited:
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Locations: Bodie.  


Union Street
  Bypass Road

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Junction: Nevada State Route 3C




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