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 California Highway 25 roughly follows the San Andreas Fault from US Highway 101 north of Hollister, south to California Highway 198, near King City.

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Junction: U. S. Highway 101
  • North to San Jose and San Francisco, or
  • South through the Salinas Valley to San Luis Obispo and, eventually, Los Angeles.

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Junction: Monterey Road

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Junction: California Highway 156, southwest to San Juan Bautista.


Full Size ImageOffset sidewalk in Hollister.  





San Benito




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Locations: Paicines.
Full Size ImagePaicines Reservoir.  


Full Size Image
Paicines Winery
Full Size Image
The Blossom Hill Winery.
Junction: Panoche Road
  • Southeast to Panoche, and eventually to US Interstate 15.

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Full Size ImageSan Andreas Rift Zone south of Paicines.  


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Full Size ImageHummocky terrrain across the San Andreas Fault.  

South of Paicines the canyon narrows, and near Willow Creek and the Melendy Ranch, we saw this small ranch house perched on hummocky terrain.

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Full Size ImageSmall valley parallel to San Andreas Fault, looking north toward the Bear Valley Fire Control Station.  

  There is a short section of Highway 25 that leaves the trace of the San Andreas Fault, and climbs up onto a plateau-like valley. The San Benito River is to the east, and followed by Willow Creek Road.

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Full Size ImageSmall valley parallel to San Andreas Fault, looking south toward the Schmidt Ranch.  


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Locations: Pinnacles National Monument.  

Junction: California Highway 146, west to Pinnacles National Monument.

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Full Size ImageShutter ridges along the San Andreas fault.
Full Size ImageSag pond along San Andreas fault.  

There is a place where southbound California Highway 25 crosses a ridge, rejoining the San Andreas fault zone, that several shutter ridges and a sag pond can be seen.

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Junction: San Benito Lateral
  • East to the former town of San Benito, and to Old Hernandez Road.

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Full Size ImageJunction of CA Hwy 25 and Coalinga Road near Bitterwater.  

Junction: Coalinga Road
  • Southeast past Hernandez Reservoir and Clear Creek Road, to Los Gatos Road.



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Locations: Bitterwater.
Full Size ImageBitterwater, San Benito County, California.  


Junction: Monterey G-13
  • Southwest to King City.

Literature Cited:
- Gudde, Erwin G., 1969 (3rd Ed.).

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Locations: Bitterwater Lake. La Laguna Vieja Rancho.  

Full Size Image
La Laguna Vieja Rancho, at Bitterwater Lake, along California Highway 25.
Just south of Bitterwater, in Bitterwater Valley, is Bitterwater Lake. I'm guessing someone thought the water was bitter. Gudde (1969) notes at least fifty locations, lakes, and streams in California with a reference to bitterness of the water. "Amargosa" also refers to bitterness of the water, although modern Spanish uses "amargo" or "amargado" for the adjective "bitter." The location of Bitterwater Lake is also occupied by La Laguna Vieja Rancho.

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Junction: Lewis Creek Road
  • Southeast along Lewis Creek, dead end.

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Junction: Lonoak Road

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Locations: Peachtree Valley.
Full Size ImageView north in Peachtree Valley on CA Hwy 25.  


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Locations: Peachtree Valley.
Full Size ImageLooking north in Peachtree Valley from near CA Highway 198.  


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Full Size ImageIntersection of Highways 25 and 198 in Peachtree Valley.  

Junction: California Highway 198
  • West to US Highway 101 at San Lucas, or
  • East to Coalinga, US Interstate 5, Visalia, and Sequoia National Park.




Literature Cited

  A list of all literature cited by this web site can be found in the Bibliography.
  Gudde, Erwin G. 1969 (3rd Ed.). California Place Names. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1969. {TAS}
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