Eastern Mojave Vegetation Mohave County, Arizona, County Road 101, "Mud Mountain Road"  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  Wolf Hole to Nevada State Line.

Other articles: Mount Trumbull Loop at Mud Mtn Rd  

Junction: Mount Trumbull Loop, County Road 5
  Wolf Hole Valley
  Junction: BLM Route 1032

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If my understanding of the written location description is correct, Barneby collected Frasera albomarginata on this flat above Road Canyon.



Locations: Road Canyon.  

Road Canyon

Road Canyon

Other articles: BLM Route 1007 at Mohave Cty Rd 101  

Junction: BLM Route 1007, south through Black Canyon along Pocum Wash to the Grand Wash Cliffs.



Locations: Pocum Wash.  

Pocum Wash

  Pocum Cove to the north.
  Mud Mountain to the south.



Jacobs Well


Other articles: Frasera albomarginata south of St. George

Locations: Cottonwood Spring.  

Junction: BLM Route 1004

Cottonwood Spring approximately 4 miles north.

A single collection of Frasera albomarginata was made near Cottonwood Spring.



Burnley Well

Burnley Well
  Junction: County Road 242, through Lime Kiln Canyon to Mesquite, Arizona.



Hungry Valley


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Nevada State Line (near Whitney Pass)
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